The AM4K Story….

There were a few inspirations that led to founder Michael Perry (known in some online circles as “Bonner” for some reason) ultimately deciding to commit to running a charity gaming marathon. Having stumbled upon Game On Marathon and Play2Raise (among others), the thought occurred that these marathons were no different from his everyday interactions with his friends. There were, however, some marked differences. While Game On is a family-oriented, relatively PG-rated event, Play2Raise and their Mario Mayhem marathons featured mostly college-aged students. That’s all well and good, but some people want their fundraising to come with a little bit more of an edge.

Adult Marathon for Kids isn’t PG. The average marathoner has not seen a college classroom in quite some time. AM4K is more or less the uncensored bastard cousin of the gaming marathons that came before it. While the money that we’re raising is for kids, the content is certainly not. Expect crass humor, coarse language, and probably a heavy dose of alcohol consumption from our team.

If you’re not into that, there are plenty of other options out there for you. The bottom line is this: We’re all working towards the same cause.

What is the cause, exactly?

Great question. For our inaugural marathon, we’re playing for Child’s Play Charity. Child’s Play has raised over $25 million dollars since their inception in 2003 in order to buy games, toys, and books for children who have to undergo long hospital stays. Their forward-thinking fundraising solutions have allowed us and so many others to gain your trust by implementing a system that makes sure that 100% of your donations go DIRECTLY to Child’s Play. The AM4K team never sees, smells, touches, or spends a dime of your contribution, so you know that it’s going straight to the kids who need it!

I’m new to this whole internet thing. What happens at a gaming marathon?

A little bit of everything. It’s a team of friends who have dedicated a huge portion of their free time to entertain our viewers. If you’re entertained, you’ll be more inclined to stay tuned. If you stay tuned, you’ll hear more about our cause. If you hear more about our cause, you’re more likely to donate to it. Pretty simple. Here’s how we intend to provide said entertainment:

Basically, we gather at 6:00 PM Eastern Time in the living room of a tiny, one-bedrom apartment on the outskirts of Pittsburgh on July 29, 2016. At that point, everyone cracks their first beer. We’re guessing at around 6:05 PM, the first team member will need a smoke break. That’s also when we start playing some of your favorite classic games. Those will be revealed in the coming months, so make sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr to stay up-to-speed. Then we play games. We play more games. We drink. We talk. We argue. We interact with our viewers.

Oh yeah, we forgot to mention that part. There’s a live chat room. The chat is just as big a part of the show as the games and the team, which is why it’s included on the stream itself. Participation in chat at the right times will also earn viewers another opportunity to win prizes by participating in chat trivia challenges. We might even take calls via Skype (imagine that, your face, live on internet TV!) if the offer is right (and if we’ve had enough beers).

We do realize that playing games and drinking beer for that long might not always result in the most entertaining content. It’s for that reason that we’re going to have plenty of goodies to unlock. Donors will be eligible to win various prizes (you’ll have to follow us on social media to find out about those) and to unlock different challenges for our team to conquer in the various games that we’ll be playing. The live video stream will be split up to feature a video feed of our staff, various statistics on how long we’ve been playing and how much we’ve raised, as well as a direct feed of the games themselves. There’s plenty to see, hear, and do.

Sounds great. How can I participate?

Since the marathon isn’t until July, a good start would be to follow us on Twitter It’s there that we’ll slowly but surely start to reveal our games list and, more importantly to the selfish bastards out there, the list of awesome prizes!

Of course, you can join us from July 29, 2016 at 6:00 PM Eastern until July 31, 2016 by visiting this website. The stream is right there on the front page. It automatically starts. You can’t miss the damn thing! We’d also love to have you in our chat room, which incidentally also loads automatically on our home page. In order to chat, you’ll need an account at twitch.tv. It only takes a few seconds and it’s free to sign up.

Once the marathon starts, we’ll announce various prize drawings and incentives for donors, so be sure to pay attention. There’s no minimum donation for most prizes, but donating more cash more frequently gets you more entries in the drawings. Don’t be a cheapskate! Not only will we announce those live on the video feed, but we’ll announce them in chat and via a text crawl on the stream as well, so people who join us late will still know what’s going on.